Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Report and Lobbying the New Brunswick Government

Here is a (edited) report and request from Melissa, who was liberated in Poland:
I (along with other liberated people) was to a meeting on Saturday in St. John. The Saint John Lancaster Conservative MLA, Dorothy Shephard, was there and was speaking about the possibility of government funding for the treatment.  With only a few weeks into governing they are still sorting things out.  However, she said,  this treatment was very close to their hearts and they are behind it.   The liberated people were there telling our stories along with Tim Donovan who was the guest speaker.   Listening and asking questions were 277 people who had MS or were the loved ones of MS patient. 
Dorothy asked us liberated people and patients waiting for assessment and treatment to send her our stories. She said she would get them to the right people.  You may also want to send a copy to your own MLA of your riding.

So, if you are a New Brunswicker reading this and have something to share, please send your stories to your local MLA and to: Dorothy.Shephard@gnb.ca

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