Saturday, November 20, 2010

Globe and Mail columnist makes no effort to use facts

Andre Picard, a columnist for the Globe and Mail, used his column space (run next to an article on Mahir Mostic's death) to lambaste the whole idea of CCSVI treatment and basically call it a hoax (without quite using the word): see anti-CCSVI column.  While there can be arguments made for caution based on facts, Mr. Picard doesn't bother using such crude instruments, preferring to build his argument on erroneous information and a laughingly incomplete knowledge of CCSVI and the "liberation" treatment.

Does the Globe and Mail actually pay people to write such claptrap?  Luckily there are G&M readers who are a lot smarter and better informed than Mr. Picard and who have commented on the article to correct the biggest errors.  Sure makes you wish there really was a quality national newspaper, though.

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