Sunday, October 24, 2010

Shutting down treatment in Poland?

I've paraphrased the following that I received from a couple of different sources, and which was based on a TiMS posting (
A neurologist, Prof. Ryglew, and the director of the medical association of Poland have contacted the Polish ministry of health in an attempt to shut down CCSVI treatment in that country. If you feel that this is wrong, please write e-mails to and and ask them to stop their attempts and state why you believe that access to CCSVI treatment is needed.  If you've already been treated, tell them of your experience.
Please send Rici (Ryszard Wiercinski, a copy of your mail , so that he can collect them and use these messages when he meets with these people next week. Rici was the first person to get the CCSVI procedure done in Katowice (Poland)
I believe that this is a sincere request from someone who wishes to ensure that others have access to the same treatment he has had, but some on TiMS have questioned whether there is evidence to back up the allegation that these people are actually trying to stop the "liberation treatment".  However, just in case there is truly such a movement afoot, I have sent an e-mail that says that, though I hope I have been misinformed, I had heard that this was the case and that, as a person who has been treated for CCSVI in Poland, I believe that others should be allowed the same opportunity.

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