Friday, October 29, 2010

Raw interview with Dr. Andrews on MS

A very informative and balanced interview with an Interventional Radiologist in Seattle who has done some "liberation treatments" (though he doesn't like to call it that - he'd prefer it called venous angioplasty) and would like to do more of them:  It may not provide much new information for those who have been following things closely, but is a good refresher and helps to provide perspective.  It is also good to hear someone say out loud that venous angioplasty is done every day and is FDA approved, so calling the treatment "experimental" or "risky" is a lie.

Wait for the blast in the last minute or so of the interview, where Dr. Andrews says that the Canadian federal government was absolutely STUPID for declaring that it was too risky to even start doing testing of CCSVI treatment.  Thanks to the MS Society of Canada, an inappropriately-chosen panel, a biased CIHR executive and incompetent federal health minister, the opportunity for Canadian CCSVI treatment is delayed indefinitely.

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