Friday, October 15, 2010

Improvements may continue beyond 6 months?

Another Canadian "liberati" (dunkempt) reported on that he was continuing to feel good and that:
We were told that they were seeing continuing improvements to the more "neurological" problems well after the 6-month mark as iron depletes and lesions close up.
I asked him who "they" were (perhaps the people in the clinic in Barrie?) and what evidence they had for it.  It would be great and hopeful news for those of us who have been "fixed" and have been assessed to continue to have normal blood flow.  Here is his answer:
Ted -

Yeah, me too; that is the critical thing, isn't it?

This was from an experienced vascular sonographer who had trained in Italy; my understanding was that this was an observation shared by those who work with liberati, not (yet, at least) the result of formal research. So, a very hopeful thing to hear - and it matches other "informal" comments I have heard from people who should know, but not a proven fact.

But there's probably not 150 people in the that 1-year+ group yet. And probably only, what, about 500 of us in the in the 6-month+ cohort? Still, I'm glad I didn't wait...

(I actually started with, "that's the critical thing, eh?" but then I remembered not everyone here is Canadian.)


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