Thursday, January 21, 2010

Still another liberation treatment site in Poland

A TiMS contributor who had the liberation treatment done by Dr. Simka (with good, immediate results) indicated that she had heard of a third location in Poland that will be offering CCSVI screening and liberation treatments in the next few months:
There will be one more clinic in Warsaw openning as far as know end of Feb and early April.
They are already open for booking procedures.
i would recommend not to wait and contact them.
here is the contact to the new clinic in Warsaw:

However, some other TiMS participants urged caution since nobody seemed to know much about the place or their competence.  One suggestion was to ask Dr. Simka what he thought of the Warsaw clinic.

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  1. And a new one, also in Poland:

    Medicover. Warsaw, Poland
    Dr Maciej Jaworski
    Head of Diagnostic department
    maciej.jaworski AT
    411 95 96 (Call-center)
    Center: Medicover Hospital, Rzeczypospolitej 5,
    02-972 Warszawa (Miasteczko Wilanów)