Saturday, January 9, 2010

Getting up to speed on CCSVI is probably the best place to get information about the background and recent developments concerning CCSVI and the liberation treatment, but is such a huge and growing site that "newbies" are overwhelmed.  They do have "stickies" (permanent topics) on the first page that are meant to summarize information in several category areas (the best info is usually in postings in the first few pages of the sticky thread, which are updated by the authour, usually the moderator).  However, there is much more valid information in the various threads than is contained in the stickies.  For someone who is new to the site, I would suggest first reading a few pages of each sticky, getting familiar with the issues and lingo, then use the "Search" link that is at the top of each page to search for more information concerning issues or to search for all postings by a particular authour.  For example, it is very enlightening to follow the postings of GiCi, an Italian cardiac surgeon in the UK who has had MS since 1986, had the liberation treatment for his jugulars done by Dr. Zamboni about three years ago, and then another treatment again in Belfast in 2009.

Another site that newbies might prefer is the facebook site  This one might be especially good for people who are new to the topic of CCSVI, but are used to using Facebook.

Later: Thanks to SammyJo for pointing me towards her website, which has lots of information about CCSVI and links to many other sources, as well as her own personal story about her liberation treatment at the Stanford Hospital Medical Center.

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  1. You can follow my experience with the CCSVI treatment at Stanford at