Sunday, January 17, 2010

Other Liberation Treatment Doctors

Here is further confirmation that there is at least one other doctor in Poland (a protege of Dr. Simka) is starting to do CCSVI assessments and Liberation treatments:
hi Fiddler,
here is what i received from Dr. Kostecki last week. i have not heard back from him since.

Dear Ceci
We can do test for CCSVI ( Colour Doppler Ultrasound and MRI) and endovascular procedure if necessary.
I wll give you more information soon,
Jacek Kostecki

so i say he is doing it all.
What i am trying to figure out is how many times? I am on Simka's waiting list for May, but if Kostecki could do it sooner- i might just go for it.


I will post again right when i hear from him again Very Happy


  1. Hi my name is Lynda from Vancouver, BC. I also received the exact same e-mail from Dr. Kostecki last week. Still anxiously waiting for more information.

  2. Good luck with Kostecki. Is he doing procedures as well? Have you thought of going to the False Creek Clinic (though I think they are just learning as they go along)?