Friday, February 27, 2015

Still some pleasures possible

We've only got a week and a day left here in Samara, Costa Rica. The weather has been great, maybe a bit hot (my left foot swells like a sausage in the heatand it's been a dry 35 almost every day), but I get into the pool for a couple of physio sessions every day. Our place (Villas Kalimba) has been perfect: great accommodations, nice pool, close to the beach (though I haven't gotten into the ocean yet - waves are too big). Internet connections were a bit flaky, but given the number of devices connected in the 7 villas around here, it's not a surprise. We're closed to many restaurants I can get to on my poles, and many other we can reach with my wheelchair. We make quite a sight, I'm sure: my sister Marilyn opening the road, Bela the dog behind her, Mary pushing me in my "mustang" wheelchair, Gerri behind all of us holding my poles like they were spears.

Wednesday we all went up for gyrocopter rides at a place a few miles out of town: it was a wonderful experience: 

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