Friday, October 25, 2013

Book on MS

Here is another book on living with MS, but caution: the book is sponsored by a drug company. If anyone reads her story, let me know what you think:
An MS patient advocate named Kristie Salerno Kent has recently completed her memoir: Dreams: My Journey with Multiple Sclerosis. Her book, available free at, is an inspirational example of the triumph of the human spirit and choosing to live life to the fullest after a diagnosis of MS. She is also now touring and singing at many MS- focused events around the country.

Dreams has been positively received by the MS community. As one reviewer wrote:

“Kent tells her story so candidly that you can’t help but to hope the end of ‘this’ part of her journey ends well and, when she shares the ups and downs, you admire her for her strength, nod in recognition of her denials and finally smile about her using her talent as an MS ambassador.”

Trevis Gleason who has an MS blog on Everyday Health also reviewed her book and said:

“I found Kristie’s honesty about her search for explanation while simultaneously trying to avoid the much sought-after answers refreshing.  I too could relate to explaining away or ignoring until the disease would no longer be disregarded.“

Might you be interested in featuring a “guest post” from Kristie on your blog that details her experience with MS? You can also post excerpts from her book on your blog as well. And she is available to answer any questions via email.

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