Friday, November 1, 2013

MS and Fatigue

As a MS blogger, I regularly receive notices of research, treatments, "cures", etc. When I see something worthwhile, something that may not be total BS, I pass it on:
For your blog, three recent studies have been published focused on the cognitive side of multiple sclerosis (MS).  Each study was published by researchers at Kessler Foundation (West Orange, N.J.) —studies that could eventually lead to cognitive therapies being approved for reimbursement by insurers.

Many know that physically, MS can cause muscle rigidity, pain and paralysis.  Lesser known are the cognitive effects -- including fatigue, trouble with memory and speech.

One Kessler Foundation study, funded by the National MS Society, found that people with MS performed worse on processing speed and memory tasks during warmer outdoor temperatures versus during cooler outdoor temperatures. 

The second study, also funded, in part, by the National MS Society, sheds light on cognitive fatigue in people with multiple sclerosis.  Cognitive fatigue is fatigue resulting from mental work rather than from physical labor. 

Meanwhile, the third study provides the first evidence for beneficial effects of aerobic exercise on brain and memory in people with MS.

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Adam Dvorin
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A small piece in a large puzzle, but may lead to something useful someday.

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