Monday, October 21, 2013

A Month of Pain

Just over a month ago, I started having a pain in my left hip whenever walking or even just turning over in bed. At first I didn't think much about it, since my poor walking puts a lot of stress on that left hip and lower back, but now this new pain was making the walking worse and also causing me to fall: a shot of pain would make it suddenly impossible to put any weight on my left leg and down I'd go.  However, after a week of excruciating pain, I got into the Doc's office for a diagnosis and treatment.  The diagnosis was bursitis and the treatment was a shot of cortisone.  The cortisone worked fairly quickly: most of the pain was gone in about 5 days.  However, I was left with a continuing pain in my upper left glute and left quads, especially apparent when walking, standing, or turning over in bed. My physiotherapist and doc say those are probably muscle strains made worse while I had the bursitis, and that letting them heal is the best thing to do. In the meantime, the ongoing pain seems to be making me feel tired all the time: I can't fall sleep well at night, but take naps during the day are a respite from the pain/discomfort.

The upshot of all this is that I haven't gone swimming for over a month (worried about both getting into the pool safely, then be able to do the crawl properly given my glute/groin pains).  I've only biked a few times because I'm usually just too tired to be interested in going biking. I'm only now getting back to my physio, pilates and yoga routines.

A month of significantly reduced quality of life. I sure hope I can get back into my full regular exercise regime again soon.

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