Thursday, September 13, 2012

I tried Baclofen - Not for me

One of the things my neuro had me try was Baclofen for my spasticity. I took one half pill the night before last (you're supposed to start real slow, and yesterday was awful... I was dizzy and cog-fogged all day, tired but keyed up, even a bit nauseous for a while. Needless to say I am no longer on Baclofen. The next thing I try is Fampyra (for mobility). I can expect some side effects with that, but most of those go away after a couple of days so its worth sticking with it for the two weeks of the trial to see if it will help. Tomorrow I go to get fitted with a leg brace. I'm still going to try the Walk-Aide some more, but it needs to be re-calibrated and, in any case, there are places where the Walk-Aide just doesn't help.

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  1. Hi Again,

    It's a garbage, my neuro sent me that by mail e few year ago, with no indication on what to look for if it's bad for u. I got heart issue and a pain in my right arm with is synonym with heart issue, you must stop using this whne you have these kind of symptoms.

    Rest, keeping away from cefeine of coca drinks or worst energiser drinks is a must.