Monday, June 25, 2012

Macleans: MSers Screwed by Government, MSSC

Ann Kingston has done another great job of digging up the facts on the CCSVI controversy: see article in today's Macleans.  It's not a big surprise to many of us, but it still makes me sick to know that the Harper government, its lackey bureaucracy and the MS Society administrators seem to be doing their utmost to maintain the status quo.  GRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!



    1. Look, can't you recognize SaskParty SnakeOil when it's being forced on you?

      Between 1988-1991 Brad Wall and his fellow party members Bankrupted Saskatchewan to the tune of nearly $15 Billion Dollars while telling everyone Saskatchewan was "Booming" (sound familiar?).

      Now these SaskParty morons are trying to get around Canadian Laws by sending Saskatchewan citizens to a foreign country to be the lab rats in a medical experiment that has killed more than one Canadian due to complications with the procedures themselves.

      Don't forget that nearly 20 of Brad Wall's fellow party members went to prison following Brad Wall's last stint in government for Fraud and "Public Breach of Trust" ... do you really want to trust Wall, the SaskParty and their SnakeOil?