Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Axon program and other things

I have spending a lot of my time on various types of physiotherapy.  I work out in the gym about an hour a day.  I bike about a half hour - it's about the only way I can get a good aerobic exercise so I'm glad my balance has mostly stayed improved since my Polish "liberation" treatment, allowing me to bike about 8 Kms per day. This summer I have been trying a couple of other things, as well: the AXON program and some special swimming lessons.

Thursday will be our last session of the pilot AXON program until the fall.  I think that it has been useful in helping isolate and work on improving muscles and groups of muscles that are giving us problems.  We'll also be getting exercises to work on by ourselves until the program starts again in the fall.  The folks at the UNB Rec department intend to work on improving the program itself so that people who join in the fall will get the benefit of our participation in the pilot. Tomorrow I will have my second session in the pool at the YMCA, working with an instructor who knows my problems and has adapted some exercises that, again, work to improve specific muscles that I have difficulty dealing with in my dry land work-outs.  I was really impressed with what I got out of my first session, and expect to continue this, probably in the fall after summer vacation is over.  I also suggested to UNB that they should work with the YCMA to develop a two-part program (in the gym and in the pool) to help people with MS, strokes, etc.  They seemed interested.  Does anyone know of anywhere else that such multifaceted physiotherapy is being effectively done?  If so, let me know.

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