Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Melissa's story - almost 10 months

My friend Melissa was spurred to write to me when she realized from my blog that I was approaching one year since being treated.  I asked her for an update that I could share with you and here it is:

Time does fly!!!  This time last year I was anxiously waiting to hear Ted's results with CCSVI.  I had already made up my mind that I was going to try CCSVI to see if it would help the disease which haunted me daily.  

It  has been nine months (soon to be ten) since I had my CCSVI treatment.  I have had some significant gains in my balance, fatigue, and endurance.  When the Physiotherapist tested my muscle strength before my Poland procedure  my "bad"  leg tested at 3-/5, now it is at 5/5.  This may vary on weaker days. Now I have a limp and not a leg drag  and only use my cane if I'm very fatigued.   Before the procedure the cane was part of my daily outfit.  I can count on one hand the times I have used my cane since last July!!!

I will  share some of my proudest victories with you.  For the first time in eight years I was able to go biking with my daughter, who is eight:  she giggled and gave me pointers, while tears rolled down my eyes uncontrollably.  I have played hop scotch, skipped, and tried ice skating (shuffling).   I'm not saying all these were done with elegance and grace, but they were accomplished!!!  I can stand and  watch her play hockey if there is no seating.  I have seen the  puck go in the net and not have to ask if it was a goal.  I can find her number and know it is her on the ice, where before I needed other parents to point her out.  I have just returned from vacation where I  walked around a cruise ship without my cane.   I was able to walk to dinner every night with heels!!!!   On previous vacations the end of the day left me being pushed to dinner  "with no heels".   I walked through the Halifax Air Port pushing my wheelchair, not "being pushed", which left a confused security officer, who asked, "who needed the  chair? my husband or me !!".   Liberation has not fixed everything but has improved my daily living a good 80  percent.  I still run out of gas before the other mom's but go further before the tank is emptied.   Liberation has brought a smile back to my face and gave me  more quality time with  my Daughter and  Husband. Some may  think this is insignificant but I believe that, "I found the Pot of Gold at the end of the Rainbow!!!!"

Melissa Robertson

Liberated July 16, 2010


  1. Hi my friend,
    we live in Dallas Texas, my husband has ms and we are interested in ccsvi. please let me know how many centers in US do this procedure and which one has better result. I will be so thankful for your response.

  2. Hi Fariba,
    I have not kept track of all of the CCSVI treatment sites in the US or their reputations, but I feel I was well treated by the doctors at Synergy Health Concepts in Newport Beach, California. Their intervention seemed to do nothing for my symptoms beyond the treatment I received in Poland in 2010, but I did learn new things and they appear competent and caring.