Thursday, April 28, 2011

CCSVI Tracking - 12 month chart

This is what my symptom report (for some of my most important symptoms) looks like for the 12 months since my liberation:


  1. Does this mean your balance worsened after month 5?

    Also, does the average include how MUCH quality of life went UP and how much EDSS went DOWN or ??

    Thanks for sharing and for clarifying these points!

    Sandra Birrell
    admin for Facebook group ccsvi_at_ubc

  2. No, Sandra, the balance line disappearing after month 5 means that my balance problems completely disappeared at that point. And I'm not sure how the average is calculated, but I think it just averages all my symptoms (probably not including how QOL increases). Since for all of these symptoms, a lower number means fewer symptoms, a lower average means that, on average, my symptoms are better.

  3. So I read this correctly, for symptoms that drop off it represents them being less prevalent rather than getting worse right?

  4. Yes, Tony, except for QOL the dropping numbers mean improvement... you want every one of the lines to drop off except for Quality of Life.

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