Friday, March 11, 2011

Watch CTV Tonight

For folks in the Maritimes, you might want to watch CTV news tonight as there will be an interview with Tim Donovan who is organizing a "New Hope for Multiple Sclerosis" cross-Canada tour to raise awareness about CCSVI and it's treatment in Canada - or, rather, the lack of it.  A large group of volunteers (including me) are helping Tim with this.  Tim is getting lots of great sponsorships and we hope his tour will start in St. Johns in early May.  The website is still a work in progress, but I recommend that all Canadians interested in CCSVI check it out on a regular basis and, if appropriate, let the organizers know that you are willing to help:

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  1. In fact, Tim was originally one of founding directors of Angioplasty for All, an organization dedicated to making MS angioplasty available in Canada through a Charter Challenge. It is distressing to see him dedicating so much effort to a general information tour. It would seem that there are already many organizations dedicated to providing such information, but providing information is a slow path to getting results.