Wednesday, March 2, 2011

A neurologist wrote to his patient

In the TiMS discussion I mentioned in my last posting, Dr. Sclafani mentions that a Canadian neurologist wrote to his patients that were contemplating liberation:
"Since death is also a risk, then I ask those individuals to strongly consider advising their family of an advanced directive for an autopsy. We should maximize every learning opportunity"
and a Canadian TiMSer named Blaze responded with:
Outrageous! Statements like that and the way some Canadian neurologists are speaking to their patients makes me ashamed to call myself Canadian. But, I think Dr. Hubbard also said something about being embarrassed to call himself a neurologist right now. So, maybe it's the profession and not the country--except that neurologists are wielding too much power on this issue in Canada.
I feel the same way as Blaze, except I would have used some profanity to express my opinion about a neurologist like that!

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