Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Reminder: CCSVI Tracking

Have you checked out lately?  The results of almost 400 liberation treatments are now reported there, and it's possible to view monthly results for many kinds of categories of patient (gender, type of MS, age, etc.).  And if you've been treated for CCSVI but haven't entered your data yet, what's stopping you?  Given that governments are doing very little to follow up on the results of treatments, we have to do it ourselves.  Also, untreated MSers are depending on the information to make personal decisions... so they need to know results from everyone, not just those who've had big improvements.

Although we don't know if the self-reporting people are statistically skewed towards those who have had positive experiences (which is quite possible if not likely), it certainly appears that a high percentage of liberated people have seen improvements, especially with regards to quality of life, fatigue and mobility measures.


  1. And of course self evaluation is of limited value.

  2. You are right that this is a self-assessment and mostly subjective. However, the assessments are comparative: patients compare their symptoms from one month to another, starting with the month before the treatment. This assures consistency on an ordinal scale.

    Furthermore, some of the tests are standardised and/or can be performed by independent professionals. These tests are objective.