Thursday, May 5, 2016

Six Years Later - Part 3

There are many ways and things I use to cope with my various problems:

  1. First and foremost among my coping "mechanisms" is my wonderful wife, Mary. Without her help and care, my life would be very different and my quality of life would be abysmal. Mary is my caregiver, my taxi-driver, my advisor and friend. Without her most of the rest of my coping mechanisms would be less useful or even impossible. 
  2. Exercise - I go to the physiotherapist twice a week for most of the year. I'm lucky to have a physiotherapist who is willing to work with me despite knowing that the best we can do is win small temporary victories. I work out in the pool three times a week, except when I'm away or am feeling my occasional sicknesses. One day a week I have a half hour, one-on-one Pilates instruction. A few days a week, I do some Pilates and physio at home, unless I'm not feeling well. Two or three times a week I use EMS (muscle stim) on my left leg and my left arm. I used to do yoga a few times a week, but after my back operation I stopped due to back pain and weakness. I'd like to start again, if I can find someone who can take the time to figure out what would work for me now without risking my back too much.
  3. Drugs - Lots of pills: for arthritis, nerve pain, leg spasms, cholesterol, and stomach upset (caused by some of the pills I take. I also take sleeping pills and my "happy" pills. For daytime discomfort and especially to help me sleep, I use marijuana. When the pain in my hip or back or when my stomach is real upset, I use whiskey: Wild Turkey bourbon is my favourite. 
  4. Mobility - While I can still get around with my poles or cane for short distances (maybe 100 meters max), for anything longer I use my scooters. I have my big scooter for longer distances and rougher terrain to go "scwalking" with Mary or "scjogging" with my daughter, Anna. I also have a small, foldable scooter for inside malls and buildings that Mary and I can lift in and out of the back of our car. I have also recently purchased a second (second-hand) big scooter to use at the cottage so we no longer have to trailer my other big scooter back and forth from home.
  5. Kindness - A big help to me is that my family and friends and strangers go way out of their way to make my life easier and to put up with my stumbling and shuffling. Nice people.
There are many other coping mechanisms I use, big and small, to make life easier for me, but those are the main ones. In my next post I'll talk about my future... and it's not all bad news!

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