Saturday, June 13, 2015

Update on My Weed Experiences (Part 2)

Lately, I've again started feeling lousy during the day (somewhat like I was feeling for almost a year before my back surgery). That has made me rethink my decision not to use Marijuana during the day. Also, since Mary is now retired, as well, my need to drive during the day has declined since she can usually do the driving.

But then my problem was to find the right strain and sub-strain of weed that would reduce the daytime nausea, stomach upset (and sometimes pain) while energizing me and not make me drowsy. The 22/1 Cannimed product I got for that purpose seemed to make me too drowsy, but how could I try other products from other companies without going through a long, time-consuming process of registering with another company. After a search on line I found a dispensary in Vancouver that would mail me a "variety pack" of one gram samples of several sub-strains and hybrids that might give me the effects I wanted. I still needed to register and provide a copy of my prescription, but the whole process, including ordering the variety pack, was completed in one day, rather the several weeks it takes with Cannimed.

I've tried two of the five sampler products I ordered from the Vancouver dispensary and, so far, haven't found one that I'm completely satisfied with. I'll just keep trying.

Update on my update: Just tried my third sampler. Chocolope OG seems to be working much better than the others I've tried. Nice. Two more to try in the next few days, then I'll probably go through them all one more time to make sure.

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