Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Summary of interventions

We're just back from the post-procedure consult with Dr. Arata.  This is what we found out:
  1. My left jugular stent, the one that was put in place in Poland, is completely unplugged and working perfectly - Yahoo!
  2. My right jugular has no valve at all, so the narrowing where the valve should have been was ballooned.  Dr. Arata says that his experience is that 50% of such interventions in the jugular will work beyond 2 months... so we have to wait and see.
  3. My azygous vein was completely weird, something he'd never seen before: no valve at all where it comes in to the heart.  They did a ballooning there.  Normally venoplasty in the azygous works very well, but since this is something new, they don't know how successful or prolonged it will be. Interestingly, although I was the first person he had seen with such a problem, he saw a second person with the same problem the same day.
  4. My other veins down to the pelvis are OK, but they didn't look at my veins or arteries below my pelvis.  Given my symptoms (such as occasional swelling of the left foot), it is possible I have problems there, which would tie in with the results of the EMG my neurologist did... besides the MRI (that I have been waiting months for), Dr. Arata suggested a US doppler of my leg blood flow.
So now it's a matter of waiting to see what happens, though I think we'll be making some changes to our diet as suggested by the clinic here (which seem to be pretty well the same as those suggested in Dr. Bill Code's book).

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