Wednesday, March 28, 2012

First in New Brunswick - again?

I talked to the MRI supervisor at the hospital today and she explained why it's been over six months and I still haven't been called in for the MRI my neuro wants me to have for my lower back.  Apparently nobody with a jugular stent (such as the one I got in Poland) has been through an MRI in New Brunswick, or even Atlantic Canada, it seems.  Furthermore, since the manufacturer (Cortis) won't "guarantee" that it is MRI safe when used "off-label" (ie, in veins), the local MRI folks were left trying to find someone in the region who could say that it is OK.  Since I had it done in California, I'm bringing my DVDs and contact info for the folks at Synergy so that the local MRI can have the evidence to say it is OK to go ahead with it.

If anyone in Canada with a jugular stent (especially a Cortis) has undergone an MRI (in Canada), please let me know and I'll pass the info on to the local MRI people.  Then, presumably, in the future MSers with jugular stents won't have this hold-up.

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