Tuesday, October 4, 2011

More disease relationships?

Here is an interesting message from my friend Shelley in response to my questions between possible links between CCSVI and Parkinson's:

Hi Ted,
I read your blog post about being in Manitoba visiting family and friends and your interest in how CCSVI research ties in with Parkinson’s and I am experiencing the same kind of interest only with Lyme disease. I’m learning that Lyme sufferers are also testing positive for CCSVI upon ultrasound and I know of a few who have gone so far as to have the very same venoplasty procedures as MS sufferers for CCSVI and have had a relief of their symptoms! Sadly, one re-stenosed a month later but he is going to have the procedure a second time. Something big is going on here. I also know of two women in Ontario, who, after watching the same Lyme documentary that I watched this summer that aired on PBS (“Under Our Skin”), have taken it upon themselves to have their blood drawn here and sent to California for Lyme disease testing. Would you believe that both of these women who were diagnosed in Ontario as having MS and had their blood tested in California have tested positive for Lyme disease?!
We don’t have proper Lyme disease testing here in Canada, yet we are very much a tick infested country. Could this be why so many people are diagnosed with MS when they could truly have Lyme disease? Lyme mimics MS. Lyme can produce white lesions on the brain just like MS. The blood test available here is wholly ineffective and creates a high percentage of false negatives and most doctors don’t even know enough about Lyme to even consider it as a diagnosis, let alone think to test for it. The only way to know for sure is to have your blood tested at a lab in California called Igenex, but most people don’t know this. Lyme is a very “political” issue.
I am asking all kinds of questions. I don’t know what this means. Is Lyme and MS the same darn disease? Is a Lyme infection the virus that sets us up for MS later in life? When I was going through my months of hell during my first attack that started in September of 2005, I ended up on a course of antibiotics for a bladder infection in December. I got better right after that and by January had returned to my old self again and had no more MS symptoms. The treatment for Lyme is antibiotics. I’m starting to wonder now if I truly have MS or if I too could have Lyme. Or, did having a Lyme infection manifest into MS? I grew up  next to the Vermont border which is a hot bed area for ticks. I was a hiker, runner and horseback rider all of my life. I had woods in my backyard! I was exposed to ticks and remember pulling one off my dog shortly before she died in 2005.
Have I given you more to think about?! If you are interested you can  watch “Under Our Skin” for free. You can download it here: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=N2U4M9NA. I think you’ll be surprised at what you see and hear if you watch this film.
Take good care.

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