Friday, December 24, 2010

Thoughtful Argument

Here is a posting from EJC of the UK on TiMS that was part of a discussion concerning how CCSVI and its treatment should be viewed:
CCSVI is the beginning of the understanding of what is currently defined as "MS".

Over the next decade what we understand as MS is likely to be broken down into a number of similar but significantly differing conditions that lead to roughly the same end result, albeit in differing degrees.

The medical establishment will gradually start to unravel what they've not been able to understand for years.

CCSVI, or it's theory is the trigger to unlocking this understanding, it is genuinely a once in a lifetime medical breakthrough with regard to the understanding of MS.

However what MS sufferers don't have is the time to sit and wait for the medical community to compile all the evidence in a long and drawn out manner that could take 10 - 20 years. During which time many people may die due to complications of their condition.

Increasing anecdotal evidence exists the liberation treatment improves the quality of life of a large enough percentage of people who choose to undertake it that makes it worth contemplating.

For want of a better phrase "It's worth a shot".

No one is being press ganged or conned into this treatment, it is a free choice that we take in the full knowledge that the people undertaking this procedure are still learning it and that the long term effects have yet to be quantified.

We read as much as we can, ask as many prudent questions as we can and those of us already booked into the system will report as much as we can in an effort to get the information out into the big wide world.

Every day I watch Emma struggle with the normal things in life, over months and years she is gradually declining. She does not have the time to sit tight and wait for all the i's to be dotted and the t's crossed, she needs whatever help she can get.

This will have cost us around £8,000 to £10,000 when it's all done. Fortunately I can afford that without having to borrow money and trust me I've done far more dumb things with £10,000 than a private medical procedure.

I'm spending this money for Emma in a hope that it improves her quality of life, if this is a "Cure" for newly diagnosed patients then great - but it will never cure Emma, too much damage has been done. But if it improves her quality of life and arrests progression, then in my mind it's worth £100,000.

Some people are too far along in their progression that "choice" is no longer an option - having liberation is almost a necessity as so far everything else they've been offered has failed in almost every way.

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