Friday, August 6, 2010

Presentation went well

My presentation in Campbellton went well despite my rusty French.  The room was packed (over 80 people) and they were a great audience: very attentive and respectful.  There were good questions and ideas from the audience after the presentation, and then Louis (who had just returned from his CCSVI diagnosis in Barrie and is on the cusp of making a decision to go to Poland) also gave a good extemporare talk on his own situation.  Congratulations to the organizers - a lot of MSers are now better informed.

One thing I should have talked about (though it came out a bit in the discussions) is the importance of working together as a group to put pressure on the political and medical systems to make sure CCSVI diagnosis and (if appropriate) treatment is available to all Canadians in Canada.  We need teams of medical professionals - GPs, vascular specialists, interventional radiologists AND neurologists - working together to combat MS.


  1. I think you deserve a huge THANK YOU for taking the time and putting in the effort to give such a presentation on the topic of CCSVI in MS. CONGRATULATIONS TO YOU TED! Sounds like you had a great turnout and an attentive audience. You just helped raise more awareness on this very important issue!

  2. Yes, thank you for doing this. This is an important development and awareness of this issue must be raised on all fronts and in all countries.