Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Reply to Jenny - Getting on a list

Hi Jenny,
Here are the various possibilities to get on a list for CCSVI assessment and (hopefully) treatment:
  1. Montreal: First of all, if you are willing to only get MAYBE assessed, you could make an appointment with the Westmount Square Imaging Clinic in Montreal (I assume you are in Quebec).  The reason I say MAYBE is because they don’t yet have all the appropriate equipment, and perhaps not ALL the appropriate expertise.  However, a positive CCSVI diagnosis there would give you a leg up in trying to have something done about it in Canada or the US some day, if you can’t get on the other lists below.  One thing: even though it is a private clinic and you have to pay, I understand it is still asking you to have a doctor’s referral. 
  2. Poland (Simka): This is the clinic I am going to in April for assessment and (hopefully) treatment.  As far as I know, they are booked into 2011.  However, if you want to get into their list for 2011, or for the second clinic they may open this year elsewhere in Poland, then contact info@euromedicpoland.com, or try to talk to someone at the from desk at +48 32 354 05 87.  If 2011 seems too far away, or the possibility of a second clinic too uncertain, then you might ask them to put you on a list of people who are willing to go on a moment’s notice, if you are willing to do that.
  3. Poland (Kostecki): This is, I believe another clinic not connected with Euromedic (or it could be the second Euromedic clinic – it’s not clear).  His contact is kosteckj@op.pl
  4. Bulgaria: grozdinski@mail.bg (accepting patients from April)
  5. Dr. Mehta in Albany, New York may be doing tests and procedures soon.
    Dr. Mehta, a vascular surgeon in Albany, NY is starting a study soon and is taking names now (for balloon angioplasty only). Dr. Mehta knows neurology, MS and CCSVI and is committed to helping as many MS patients as he can. Dr. Mehta is a friend of Dr. Dake at Stanford and he's been in very close contact with Dr. Dake about testing and treatment. If anyone is interested in having CCSVI testing and treatment (if indicated), you may call Dr. Mehta's office at: 518-262-5640, which is located at 43 New Scotland Ave., Albany, NY, 12208. Dr. Mehta has said that he will need the month of February to finalize a protocol and treatment plan, so they are planning on contacting people in March to begin getting evaluations done, etc. You may also write to his nurse to this email address: wilcoxm@albanyvascular.com. Write: MS Research Study in the subject line
  6. One Torontonian (TorCan on TiMS) has booked an assessment and procedure in India.  Do a search for his postings in TiMS.
  7. Mumbai, India: I'm not sure if this is different from the clinic that TorCan is using, but here is information that TiMS user manojag22 has posted concerning a clinic in Mumbai that is doing liberation treatments:
It does appear that there may be other possibilities soon – Good luck!

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