Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Still on the Weed

I've been on marijuana from CanniMed for a couple of months now. Though I was prescribed two kinds of marijuana (one with high THC for energy for the day time, one with high CBD and lower THC for pain and sleeping), I find that I am only using the high CBD weed to help me sleep (in part by reducing pain). I just can't imagine using the high THC strain during the day while I can still get around on my own.

The two strains I'm getting from CanniMed are the 22-1 (22% THC, 1% CBD) and the 9-9 (9% THC, 9% CBD). Though I've just ordered a second batch of 9-9, I'm still not sure if CanniMed is a good provider. The first batch was not completely dried and so didn't grind well - plus made me worried that it would be mouldy. I'm not crazy about the smell of their stuff, either: both strains have a kind of "medicine" aroma I don't care for. However, the way things are set up by the government, I don't think I can easily switch suppliers . To do so, I'd probably have to get the doctor to fill out all the documents for a new supplier (at the cost of another $60).

By the way, my Arizer Solo vaporizer has been working great (so far). Vaping is definitely the way to go. A lot less harsh on the throat, and when I'm vaping, people in the same room can hardly smell it.


  1. Are you getting any other issues recently, besides the ones already listed? It is always in your discretion if you want to switch to another type/provider or not, especially if you're not content with their services. And it was right to be concerned with the dampness, as inhaling moldy ones could cause more complications than relief. I guess the effects in mitigating the symptoms are your primary concern in this regard. Also, good call on using a vape for intake. At least the others around you won't be irritated by the smell and smoke, as compared to doing it the old way. Take care!

    Vincent Mehdizadeh @ Canna MedBox

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