Saturday, March 29, 2014

Springtime... NOT!

It was great getting away from the cold for a while, but the way this winter has gone, I wish we could have been away for 3 months, not just one. Since I've gotten back, I've felt like a semi-prisoner in the apartment: it takes a strong motivation for me to risk falling and breaking a leg or hip on that ice out there. Mary will be retiring this summer, so maybe we'll stay away longer next winter.

My left-side weakness and poor motor control continues to worsen, though now that my bursitis has long gone and my kidney stones are no longer acting up (for now), at least I am able to do my physio, pilates and yoga - when I'm not too tired due to poor sleep. I've certainly seen improvements in some of my leg muscles and core due to the exercises I have been doing so, though actual symptoms are worsening, in some ways I'm coping better.

I'm waiting for the snow and ice to go to take delivery of my mobility scooter. They'll allow me to keep it in a storage room in the apartment building, so that'll be convenient. I'm hoping that they'll install a disabled-entry mechanism at our apartment front door so that I can get in and out without having to dismount.

The Baclofen is still helping with spasms, though perhaps it's getting to be less effective due to my spasms getting worse or my body being less affected by the drug. I'll be trying marijuana for the pain and to help sleeping - it was my neuro's suggestion. Actually, I've already tried some (a strain called Critical Mass) just to see if it helps (it does), but I'll be glad when I can order stuff that is guaranteed to have less THC and more CBD.

In one month it'll be 4 years since my CCSVI treatment in Poland.  I'll have to do a 4th anniversary update at that time.

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