Friday, June 21, 2013

Reply to anonymous prof

From my perspective, CCSVI treatment is most likely to help if you are afflicted with balance, fatigue and autonomic function problems.  Whether it helps anything in terms of long-term disease progression is anybody's guess.  Don't believe those who say they "know" it is a hoax OR that they KNOW it is a "cure" for MS: the international Cochrane review meta-study of CCSVI research says that the jury is still out on any claims, be they positive or negative.  Note: I collaborated on the write-up of the meta-study.

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  1. Ted thats a fair comment and I dont think your involvement in the/our Cochrane review can in any way be described as 'conflicted' but rather as highly beneficial. The review included clinicians and other people with MS so we were a very equipoised team. The jury is still out but/and if you found benefit having balanced any potential risk thats great to hear.