Thursday, May 2, 2013

National CCSVI Society

Here is a useful, well-reasoned article that explains why it makes good sense to believe that CCSVI may be causing some of our MS symptoms: see this NCS presentation.  We do need more unbiased research and fewer articles that shoot down the CCSVI theory without providing any real evidence.

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  1. You know, we often hear studies discrediting CCSVI. We know as patients that we “took a chance” as the first generation of CCSVIers.

    One thing is sure is that the origin of MS remains a mystery. Dr. Bernhard Juurlink of the National CCSVI Society has long questioned the autoimmune theory of MS. He is not only a researcher, but professor emeritus in the School of Medicine at the University of Saskatchewan.

    Here are links to a few article that “Bernie” has written.
    2013 Article – “The Evidence for Hypoperfusion as a Factor in Multiple Sclerosis Lesion Development”

    1998 Article- “The multiple sclerosis lesion: initiated by a localized hypoperfusion in a central nervous system where mechanisms allowing leukocyte infiltration are readily upregulated?

    By the way, Dr. Juurlink was raised in Nova Scotia, and did his undergraduate studies at Acadia University.

    He will be speaking at the National CCSVI Conference in Sherbrooke, Québec with several other international researchers on September 29, 2013. Hope to see you there. Christopher Alkenbrack, CCSVI advocate, MS patient of 21 years.