Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Visit to my neurologist three years after CCSVI treatment

I had an appointment with my neurologist today, almost three years after my CCSVI treatment in Poland.  I reported my worsening mobility due to my weak, difficult to control left leg), but that my benefits from CCSVI treatment remain: better balance, more energy, autonomic function improvements.  She showed me the MRI done the other week, and said my worsening mobility may be related to what might be some new small plaques on my spinal chord.  I'm still on the list to see a neurosurgeon in case he can do anything about the narrowing in my spinal column in my lower spine.  Otherwise we talked about pain management and possible solutions for my leg spasms.  I mentioned that Yin yoga semed to help a lot with the pain, and she agreed that it was a great idea to continue with that.

I'll post, separately, the report of my symptoms and treatments that I gave to my neurologist.

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