Friday, February 24, 2012

My Hopes

Wow, two weeks since I last posted!  In a few days I leave for California, and on the 5th I get assessed at Synergy Health.  If, as I suspect, they find that I'm beginning to get blood flow problems again, I'll be "re-liberated" on the 6th.  What do I hope to get from a second treatment for CCSVI?  Well, this last fall I started to be more fatigued again - still not nearly as badly as before my first treatment in Poland, but enough to be noticeable.  And in the last couple of months, my balance has started to get a little worse again.  My left-side weakness has also become more pronounced over the last few weeks, and my hands are more numb and less dextrous, especially my left hand. 

If I have the procedure again, I hope to get my energy and balance back up to where it had been for most of the time since my first procedure, and I hope to retain my improvements in my autonomic functions (which haven't deteriorated since my first liberation).  It would be nice if I had some improvement in my strength, but I don't expect too much there.  Since my manual dexterity (and mobility) seem to be worse when I am tired, I do hold out some hope that they will improve if my energy levels increase.

In the back of my mind, as well, is the hope that better blood flow will keep my brain healthier.  My mother finally succumbed (last night) to Parkinson's, and the last two years she hasn't really been there - she didn't really know us anymore.  Though she seemed to be relatively happy at the care home, I wouldn't want to have my family go through that ordeal for me.

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